Best answer: What do you drink with shrimp boil?

Cocktails are delicious but we Southerners also think an ice cold beer compliments a shrimp boil like nothing else. My favorite is Red Stripe, a Jamaican beer. Serve a crisp white wine with dinner, like Pinot Grigio or a white blend.

What drinks goes with seafood boil?

The Drinks

Crisp beer and champagne always have a place at my table, but adding a simple cocktail to the mix is truly the icing on the cake. I always cook up my seafood boils with tarragon, because tarragon and shellfish may be my all time favorite flavor pairing, and tarragon almost looks like it comes from the sea.

What alcohol goes with seafood boil?

White wine is the go-to choice for pairing with seafood. Similar to a squeeze of lemon, dry white wine adds splashes of citrus and a bit of sweetness to buttery, briny seafood.

2. White Wine

  • Chenin blanc.
  • Chardonnay.
  • Pinot grigio.
  • Sauvignon blanc.
  • Sancerre.
  • Riesling.
  • Chablis.

What drinks go with Cajun food?

Stay in the know

  • Cajun Storm. Spiced rum and passion fruit provide the perfect storm for your next party. …
  • Throwback Sazerac. The Sazerac is the New Orleans version of an Old-Fashioned. …
  • Planter’s Punch. …
  • Cajun Bloody Mary. …
  • Rum Old-fashioned. …
  • Hurricane. …
  • King Cake Martini. …
  • Southern Hospitality.
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What cocktail goes with seafood?

5 Cocktails That Go Perfectly With Seafood

  • Mai Tai – Lobster.
  • Bloody Mary – Shrimp.
  • Tom Collins – Crab.
  • Daiquiri – Oysters.
  • Gin & Tonic – Fish.

What Alcohol goes well with crab?

Rum and Pineapple

Rum pairs well with seafood, especially crab cakes, and is best without a mixer. Pour a (small) glass of dark rum and a pineapple garnish to highlight the crab cake without overpowering the delicious flavors.

What drink goes with shrimp cocktail?

Shrimp Cocktail pairs best with crisp and refreshing white wines such as Muscadet, Riesling, Prosecco, Torrontés, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc.

What beer goes with seafood?

Beer That Goes Well with Seafood

  • Our Favorite Beer and Seafood Pairings. …
  • Amber Ale and Fish Tacos. …
  • Sour Ale and Oysters. …
  • Northwest Pale Ale and Anchovies (on Pizza) …
  • Belgian White Beer and Sushi. …
  • Pilsner and Fish and Chips. …
  • Farm Hand Ale and Tilapia. …
  • Bell’s Oberon Ale (On Sale This Week!) and Tuna Steaks.

What do you drink with lobster boil?

The Top 5 Wines for Lobster

  1. Chardonnay. Chardonnay is undoubtedly the top choice when pairing a white wine with lobster. …
  2. Riesling. Riesling is high in acidity, fruits, and sweet floral notes, making it ideal for the natural sweetness in lobster meat. …
  3. Sauvignon Blanc. …
  4. Rose. …
  5. Chianti.

What beer goes with seafood boil?

IPA (Indian Pale Ale) – The recommended IPA beer is the Two Hearted Ale by Bell’s Brewing Company. It has a strong citrus taste, floral aroma and hoppy undertones, which create a smooth tasting beer that works as a perfect flavor foil to the spices traditionally used in a Louisiana crawfish boil.

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What wine goes with crab boil?

Sure, a big, buttery Chardonnay goes with fresh cracked crab, but Pinot Gris and dry Riesling also have a rich mouth-feel and often more vibrant layers of fruit. Pour a Gris if the crab is cold (and has a lemony aioli on the side), and a Riesling if it’s warm (with clarified butter).

What drink goes with shrimp and grits?

Chardonnay is a particularly fine choice with this version of shrimp and grits, because spicy and acidic foods typically pair poorly with chardonnay. Whereas buttery dishes, with minimal spice, just beg to be paired with chardonnay. Another option would be viognier.

What drink is New Orleans famous for?

Sazerac (Classic New Orleans Cocktail!)

Here’s how to make a Sazerac, the official cocktail of New Orleans! Cognac, whiskey and absinthe make up this famous drink that tastes like no other.

What do Cajuns like to drink?

The Classic Brandy (or Bourbon) Milk Punch. Brandy and Herbsaint Milk Punch, perfect for a brunch, the winter holidays or any time there’s a chill. Café Brûlot: Strong hot coffee with brandy, citrus zest and spices. A Creole classic, and a perfect way to finish a meal.