Your question: Which compound has the lowest boiling point?

The one with the weakest IMF will have the lowest boiling point. CH4 has only dispersion forces while all the others have dispersion PLUS either dipole-dipole (HCl, H2S, NH3), and/or hydrogen bonding (NH3). So, CH4 will have the lowest boiling point.

Which compound has the lowest boiling point Why?

The magnitude of London dispersion forces decreases with a decrease in molecule size (carbon chain length and molecular surface area). Therefore, the shortest, most branched molecule in this problem will have the lowest boiling point. The correct answer is isobutane, a four membered, branched hydrocarbon.

Which compound has the lowest boiling point quizlet?

CO2 is a nonpolar molecular compound. The only intermolecular force present is a relatively weak dispersion force (small molar mass). CO2 will have the lowest boiling point.

Which compound below has the highest boiling point?

Among the molecules given to us, the highest boiling point is of water H2O H 2 O . This is because of the presence of hydrogen bonding between the molecules of water which led to increasing boiling point.

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What alkane has the lowest boiling point?

For any group of isomeric alkanes, the most branched isomer has the lowest boiling point. The normal alkane has the highest boiling point.

3.7 Physical Properties of Alkanes.

Hydrocarbon Boiling Point (°C) Density (g/mL)
Propane 42.1 0.690
Butane −0.5 0.711
Pentane 36.1 0.6262
Hexane 68.9 0.6603

Which of the following is predicted to have the lowest boiling point?

CS₂ has the fewest electrons of these options, meaning it will exhibit the weakest intermolecular forces and will have the lowest boiling point.

Which compound will have the highest boiling point quizlet?

The compound with the highest intermolecular forces will have the highest boiling point. Only choice C is capable of hydrogen bonding (having an O-H bond) and has the highest overall intermolecular forces and therefore the highest boiling pt.

Which compound has the higher boiling point CH4 or CCl4?

CCl4 would be expected to have a higher boiling point than CH4 since it possesses more electrons than CH4.. Thus the magnitude of the dispersion forces present between CCl4 molecules is greater than that between CH4 molecules, and this is the main reason for the higher boiling point.

Why do hydrocarbons have low boiling points?

Shorter hydrocarbon molecules have weaker intermolecular forces and lower boiling points. They are highly volatile and therefore extremely flammable. The shortest hydrocarbons have very low boiling points. They do not condense, but leave the column in the gas state.

Do alkenes have low boiling points?

The more intermolecular mass is added, the higher the boiling point. Intermolecular forces of alkenes gets stronger with increase in the size of the molecules. In each case, the alkene has a boiling point which is a small number of degrees lower than the corresponding alkane.

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Why do alkanes have low boiling points?

For a given molar mass, the boiling points of alkanes are relatively low because these nonpolar molecules have only weak dispersion forces to hold them together in the liquid state.