Why is boiling water not used to sterilize clinical thermometers?

Clinical thermometers consist of a glass tube filled with mercury (Hg). … So, the expanding mercury will exert pressure on the walls of the glass tube, which would result in breaking the glass and damaging the thermometer. Thus, boiling water should not be used to sterilize clinical thermometers.

Can you sterilize a thermometer with boiling water?

To completely disinfect the stem of the thermometer with boiling water, it needs to get it to a temperature of 171 °F (77 °C). This is the temperature that kills bacteria. Simply hold the tip of the thermometer in boiling water for about 30 seconds, making sure to keep your fingers a safe distance away from the water.

Why boiling is not sterilization process?

Boiling is a very simple method of water disinfection. … It should be noted that it is designed to kill harmful organisms, and generally does not result in sterile water (free of all microorganisms).

How do you sterilize a thermometer?

Digital Thermometers

  1. Choose a rubbing alcohol with at least 60 percent alcohol, since that’s most effective at killing bacteria, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). …
  2. Coat the entire body of the thermometer with the disinfectant solution, making sure to rub it in thoroughly.
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How do you disinfect a clinical thermometer?

Here’s how you clean a digital thermometer.

  1. Wash the tip of the thermometer with cold water.
  2. Wipe down the thermometer with alcohol-based wipes (at least 70% alcohol) or rubbing alcohol.
  3. Rinse the thermometer to remove the alcohol.
  4. Lastly, wipe it dry with a soft cloth.
  5. Repeat the entire process once again after use.

How does boiling water sterilize?

Does Hot Water Kill Germs? Boiling water kills the germs in the water, and it also can kill germs on surfaces of items submerged in the boiling water. Using moist heat is an excellent method of sterilization, which is why boiling baby bottles for five minutes is a recommended practice to sterilize the them.

Why boiling water should not be used in inhalation?

Answer: Because of boiling water, steam is created in the process. When that steam is inhaled it causes some problems for the person inhaling it. For example, You may get scalds like getting burned during a steam inhalation therapy.

What is boiling used for?

Boiling is used primarily to cook meats and vegetables. The extent of cooking varies according to individual taste and regional or traditional dictum; in the cookery of the U.S.

How do you disinfect a thermometer after using Covid?

Clean your thermometer before and after you use it with either rubbing alcohol or lukewarm soapy water, then rinse with cool water. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth or let it air dry.

How do you clean and sanitize a thermometer probe?

How To Clean And Sanitize The Thermometer Probe

  1. Wash The Thermometer In Warm Water. Washing your thermometer probe wish warm water will remove any residue that may be on the probe, and it’ll help start the sanitizing process. …
  2. Sanitize The Thermometer With Alcohol. …
  3. Rinse The Thermometer. …
  4. Air Dry The Thermometer.
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Will hydrogen peroxide disinfect a thermometer?

Using Hydrogen Peroxide on a Thermometer

You can use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect a clinical thermometer, but it will add some time to your routine. You’ll need: Soap and cool water. 3% hydrogen peroxide.

How do you sterilize a stethoscope?

If your stethoscope needs to be disinfected, wipe with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. Do not use hand sanitizer as a cleaning agent as there are additives that may damage parts of the stethoscope. Do not immerse your stethoscope in any liquid, or subject it to any sterilization process.

Can you disinfect a thermometer with hand sanitizer?

Sherman says hand sanitizers or disinfecting wipes can be used to clean a thermometer in a pinch. “While hand sanitizer often does the job, not all hand sanitizers contain at least 70-percent alcohol, which is the official recommendation for disinfecting thermometers,” he explains.

Is it illegal to have a mercury thermometer?

Those days have passed. Since 2001, 20 states have banned mercury “fever thermometers” for medical use, and regulations tighten every year. … But as of today the federal government has more or less killed the mercury thermometer in the United States—NIST has announced it will no longer calibrate mercury thermometers.